Armour/Armor is a mechanic that enables damage reduction.


When an armour is listed, a percentage will be given next to it, for example "Oriscale - 15%". This is the percentage of damage that is taken away from the total damage caused by a strike. It should be rounded to the nearest point.

Some weapons or methods of damage work better against armour. They maybe be listed as AP, and then a percentage will be given next to that. This percentage is taken from the 100% armour total. For example, if a 10% AP weapon is used against the aforementioned Oriscale armour, only 5% damage would be taken away.

Armour can never have lower than 0% reduction. You cannot wear two of the same type of armour, but where two armours are together, the percentages are added together.


The percentage damage reduction is given next to the armour, along with any special rules. Armours can only raise total armour beyond 99% if specifically stated.

Name of Armour Damage Reduction RRP Notes
Oriscale Body Armour 15% 110c 3% against heat or electricity damage
(Scales) 2% Comes with certain species 5% against heat damage, add to armour
Erron Body Armour 10% 90c 10% against electricity, 2% against heat
Dain Body Armour 20% 130c 1% against heat or elec
Cee-Plate Body Armour 19% 130c Heavy, 5% against heat damage
Skarg Armour 25% Free if Skarg 5% against heat, 10% against electricity damage
Vrah Armour 15% Free if Vrah 5% against heat, elec
Vertik Exoskeleton 5% 200c +10 STR
Deron Armour 10% 300c +1 MKS, TS
Gaedrongo Torso Armour 20% 300c 5% to heat and elec
Gaedrongo Spiked Armour 20% 500c 5% to heat and elec, +10 DMG (sla.) to attacker when struck in melee
Gaedrongo Lord Armour 40% 1200c (at black market only) 20% to heat and elec, +15DMG (sla.) to attacker when struck in melee
Nanobot Adamant Armour 90% Only if Gehennian Armour also affects heat and electricity damage. 20% against exotic
Neutronium-Metal Immune (100%) Only if Hectocapitus Immune to armour penetration and all damage types except 90% against exotic
Lentaa Forcefield +50% Only if Lentaa Cannot be bought/acquired. Added to armour. When on, Lentaa can only wear armour with 49% damage reduction or less.
Arbotile Armour 12% 100c Comes free if Arbotile
Goblin Armour 15% Only if Daemon 20% armour against heat
Shaytan Armour 20% As above 20% against heat
Korgrath Armour 35% As above 40% against heat, 5% against elec
Tekija Armour 40% As above 10% against heat, elec
Daemonhelm +5% As above Added to armour.
Greater Daemonhelm +10% As above Added to armour.
Daemon Repulsors +15% As above Added to armour. +20% against elec
Looted Daemon Armour 20% Looted -
Iridi Bubble 80% 500c Only works for three turns, immune to elec. Cannot raise above 99%.
Alxen Shield +22% 280c Added to armour. Cannot raise armour above 90%, +60% against elec
Repulsor Field +30% 300c Added to armour, immune to elec. Can only increase up to 95%
Advanced Repulsor Field +45% 2000c Added to armour, immune to elec. Can only increase up to 98%
Anti-Laser Coating +(60%) 400c Added to armour, only affects heat damage from ranged weapons (cannot raise reduction above 95%)
Tower Repulsor +40% 600c Works for one turn, then spend two turns recharging (1 if TS is 10+). Covers all allies, goes over armour.
Arbotile Helm 5% 100c Can be worn with armour, not instead of
Irihil Plate Armour 35%

black market


20% heat resistance, 10% elec resistance.
Irihil Knight Armour 50% black market 1600c 40% against heat, 25% against elec, 10% against exotic
Irihil Lord Armour 75% black market 3000c 75% against heat, elec, 30% against exotic
Irihil Mail 25% black market 800c Can be worn under plate armour.
Irihil Helm +5% black market 500c +5% against heat, elec
Aian Infused Scales 10% Only if Aian 20% heat resistance, 30% elec resistance, added to armour, comes with Aian mini-repulsors
Aian Plate Armour 30% Only if Aian 10% heat and elec resistance, comes with Aian mini-repulsors
(Aian Mini-Repulsors) 40% Only if Aian Must be fitted to Aian armour. Immune to elec damage, 50% resistance to heat or exotic damage.
Aian Repulsor Filed 99% 10,000c Player-activated. Only functions for two turns, then unusable every again. Can increase all only up to 99%, +60% against heat, +90% against elec, +10% against ex
Keraran Armor 75% See here > Available through looting Kerarans.
Persean Armour 40% BoK Typhon 30% against heat
Meinotian Armour 20% BoK Typhon 30% against heat or elec, 10% against ex
Promethean Armour 80% BoK Typhon Flame-Brother 70% against heat, 50% against elec, 40% against ex, foes striking in melee are set on fire
Sagax Pulse Armour 20% 750c +20DMG (elec.) to attackers hitting in melee
Sagax Body Armour 25% 650c -
Urahob Plate Armour 25% 500c 15% against heat or elec.