Crotars is a SuperSapient decendant of humans. Ingame, they are non-playable but certain Crotars appear ingame and some Crotar equipment can be purchased.




Base Marksmanship:


Base stealth: 4

Base infulence: 2


All Crotars wear the Crotar Infantry armor, Crotar Infantry Helmet and has a Crotar Infantry Pistol (formerly designated Electro-Magnetic Pistol) in their holster. They can survive lasers. They have a 32% chance on stopping exotic weapons and a 75% chance on stopping Energy Weapons.

Primary weapons depend on role. The primary weapon will have a Crotar Infantry (formerly Electro-Magnetic) before weapon name e.g Sniper Rifle.


You can purchase Crotar Black Operators for a certain operation. They belong to the Crotar government meaning if you ask them to do anything anti-Crotar, any Crotar will kill you. It is really cheap if you want them to kill a Keraran but it will be expensive if you are asking them to do something complicated. When you are hiring one Crotar Black Operator, he only will do the missions that the soldier says he can do. You can't choose any options not in the Operator's list.