Damage (dmg) is points reducted from another being's Health.


If the character is unarmed, damage is done from base Strength. If the character strikes, that number of points would be taken away from the attacked's health, though Armour can reduce this.


There are several types of damage. They can also be divided into melee and ranged.


  • Blunt damage (blt)
  • Slice damage (sla)
  • Pierce damage (prc)


  • Kinetic damage (k)
  • Explosive damage (expl)


The following damage type acts like conventional damage:

  • Chemical (chem)

The following damage type is neutralised completely by armour, but if armour is bypassed (eg. by fangs, stingers) it ignores armour as it is inside the victim:

  • Biological (bio)

The following damage type ignores any unsealed armour, but deals no damage if armour is sealed:

  • Atmospheric (atmo)

The following damage types ignore armour, unless mentioned in the Armour's description:

  • Heat damage (h)
  • Electricity damage (elec)

The following damage type ignores armour unless specifically stated otherwise:

  • Exotic (ex)