The Project Vigilance Expansion is a set of rules and stats that let you use HOTM style to play games set in the Project Vigilance mythos. Gameplay is the same. For the Project Vigilance site, see Project Vigilance.

Character CreationEdit

Players may choose to RP as PV, Divine Path, or VENOM characters.

PV characters can be operatives, technicians, troopers, or magicians.

Divine Path characters can be warriors, troopers, magicians, or technicians.

VENOM characters can be troopers, hunters, or magicians.


See also: PV: Weapons, PV: Armour, PV: Magic and PV: Items

Starting equipment is one close combat and one ranged weapon, determined by class and faction. More can be picked up from armouries, loot, or crafted.

Magicians start with two spells, other players may recover them from training with spell trainers or by finding loot on magicians.


In the PV expansion, the Attributes are the same as those in ordinary HOTM. 12 character attribute points may be distributed by the player.

Characters may also choose a single trait ability.

Base StatsEdit

The average human's stats in the PVE are:

Health: 60

Strength: 12

Influence: 3

Stealth: 2

Marksmanship: 1

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 2

There are also pages for the police and civilians.