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The Terrortooth is a vicious reptilian predator of the planet Kaventro.

It makes quests on this planet particularly difficult and hazardous, as it uses a myriad of natural weaponry to dispatch potential prey...including sapients.

Natural WeaponsEdit

  • The Terrortooth's mouth is full of sharp, slicing teeth, and will inflict 30 dmg with every bite (not counting venom---see below).
  • Terrorteeth have clawed feet that can rip through various metals, and inflict 35 dmg with each scratch.


In addtion, Terrorteeth are equipped with dangerous venoms.

  • The first type of venom is delivered with a bite. 2 dmg is inflicted per turn, until you receive the aid of a Medic.
  • The second type is delivered through spurs on the back feet. 5 dmg is inflicted per turn until a Medic arrives. However, this type is difficult to treat, the Medic must roll a 6 to do so that turn.
  • The third type is delivered through a barb on the tail tip, and is the most dangerous of all. It inflicts a slow, painful death that takes more than a year. It is untreatable. AVOID THE TAIL AT ALL COSTS.

In Games Edit

Terrorteeth can change color, and so are difficult to find up in the trees. When they emerge, however, you will immediately know.

They are almost impossible to kill, due to their extreme speed and agility. When attacking a Terrortooth, you must roll 3 dice, and you only hit it if you roll a 3 or an 18.

However, the knowledgable traveler can find a way to vanquish them.

It is known that the poison of the Nexsero plant is fatal to Terrorteeth, but they know its dangers and stay well away from the plants.

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