Zyrothan Stats

Health Range:


Strength Range (Unarmed) :


Base Influence


Base Stealth


Base Marksmanship


Base Tech Skill


Base Crafting


Starting Worlds:

Yeseg, Scarab, Centro

Zyrothans are a species of centauriformes from the planet Yeseg.

They are reasonably widespread in Viperius, part of many organisations.

Zyrothan AbilitiesEdit

Zyrothans are one of the fastest land species.

However, they cannot climb or jump well.

The poisonous spines on their back count as a combat knife.

For more details about the Zyrothans, click here.

Name Type Armour Shields Weapons RRP Notes
Zygorn Scout Scout 500 100 Mass cannon 3600c
Merkth Cruiser Cruiser 1000 200 Mass cannon, lasers, howitzers 9500c
Raegon Battleship Battleship 4800 1400 As above and spinal railgun 90000c


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Mass cannon Cannon 350 2 1 in 2 18m
Lasers Beam 100 3 1 in 1 2m
Howitzers Artillery 800 2 1 in 3 150m
Spinal Railgun Cannon 4000 1 1 in 2 600m

Starship Upgrades:

Name Type Effect RRP Notes
Extra Armour Armour +10% armour 2000c
Improved Fuel Containment Drive +10 speed 2500c
Backup Power Cells Power +10% shields 1500c
Frag Shots Weapon Mass Cannon does +50 damage and has +40 blast radius 1000c